Want to know what kind of power yingternet.com has?

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    NOTE: This page is really outdated. I'll starting updating now. 6-17-2001

There are several servers that's in Yingternet.com domain, The main server (ying.yingternet.com) is a custom built Pentium II machine, running Linux version 2.2.x (Ying Distribution 2.x series) It contains two 266 Mhz. processors. Currently has 512 MB of Physical Memory (SDRAM/ECC). It has an additional 512+ MB of virtual memory (Swap Space). It has a total of 70 GBs of local hard drive space (~13 GB SCSI / ~57 GB UDMA). The server has a T3 connection to the internet. The sole purpose of the servers are there to provide the email, web, DNS... etc servies for learning and enjoyments.

Other servers are deployed elsewhere on the net for fallback purposes.

The more detailed server specs coming soon!

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