Whats the difference between Ying and ying?

NOTE: This page is outdated, I'll start updating soon. 6-17-2001

More info about Ying

A lot of you (users) have asked to have the following information on the new site, well here it is!

A bunch of people get Ying, The Server, and Ying, the PERSON(!) mixed up, if you can't tell the difference at the end of reading this chart you must be very very messed up!

Official Name ying.ying.ternetnet.com Ying-Hung Chen
Nick Name : 
(probably this is what get people confused....)
ying Ying
Version:  II.5 I ( One and ONLY ONE)
Date of Birth:  July 1, 1998 (II),

June 25, 1999 (II.5)

Feb 8, 1976
Birth Place:  San Diego, U.S.A Taipei, Taiwan or Mars.
OS:  Linux  YingOS
Processor type:  Pentium II   YING (My mighty brain)
# of processors:  2 1 (unfortunately......)
Processor Speed: 
266 Mhz 10hz -> unlimited hz, depends 
on situation
Physical Memory:  512 MB SDRAM (ECC) Dunno, hopely unlimited.
Swap Space: 512MB Virtually unlimited as u can see in 
my room, books, notebooks, sratch 
papers everywhere. :)
Hdd Space (Locally/Remote)  70+ GB (~13.1 GB SCSI, ~57.7 GB UDMA)
12+GB NFS 100Mbps
Unlimited, same reason as above.
Web, ftp, ssh, shell, email.....etc.. hmmm... kindda hard to answer this 
question :P
Users:  100+ currently Well... i have lots of friends...
Virtual Domain hosting: ying.orion.tj 
Lots more to come
Major Software installed: Too many, Anything you can think of on the Unix/Linux platform. Including C/C++ compilers, Java JDK 1.2x, make, mp3, mpg software... Blah Blah Blah...... YingOS
Network Bandwidth: 
10Mbps Depends on my walking speed.... or 
what type of transport i am using.....

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