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Who are you?

Check out About Ying.

What started all this? (formally started with an idea: Providing resources to whoever needs it. i.e. webpages, emails, cpu times (for programming). was first born in January 6, 1998, it started out as only a Pentium 166 with 64MB of RAM (Random Access Memory) and a 2GB Hard Drive, but April of 1998 the user count was accelerating at a rapid pace it was time for an upgrade. The server was upgraded to a 6GB Hard Drive and 128MB of RAM. Again we continued to grow, along came the nexst server, it has earned its name, II (July 1998), and later i have registered a new domain and upgrade the system to YingIII (Dec. 1999), the specs are on the Server Information area. Although due to numerous attacks occured when the server is hosted in UCSD and it forced me to remove most of the users (non real-life friends) just to avoid more trouble from the school administration. However, the main point is still providing friends a good reliable server that they could use as 'home' server for email or webpages purposes. And yes, we also do programming on these servers. (we are not just playing around!)

NOTE: keep in mind that is consisted with numbers of servers that is hosted in different place and different bandwidth, from T3 to DSL.

I'm confused...Ying...and Ying... HUH!?

If you are getting Ying and ying confused check out the C H A R T.

Why do you spend time doing this stuff?

Well, I have nothing better to do =) Nah, for one thing, I need a reliable server myself daily. I.e. emails,webpages. Most of the ISP and Universities puts a lot of restrictions such as quota, cgi restrictions on the account, that just means I cannot do much with school's account. Luckily I have enough expertise to do whatever necessary to make all this happen for both my friends and myself. And of course, I enjoy it myself being a system/network Administrator! well, just hope my boss won't call me up early in the morning ^-^

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